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Pscope for iPad a new unique image generator now on App Store

» Movie for iPad users
» Movie for iPhone users

I am pleased to announce that my new iPad app “Pscope for iPad” is released on App Store at July 01, 2010. Pscope (Pentagonal kaleidoscope) is a kaleidoscope-like image generator interacting with a user’s touch. Using photo images, Pscope displays pentagonal-shaped image segments spread on the screen.

General kaleidoscope iPhone/iPad apps on App Store uses a triangle patch as its mirror segment. Using several unique patterns of pentagonal mirror tiling, Pscope gives a user more unexpected and surprising experience. The generated image animates according to the user’s finger place touching on the screen. The user can freely customize segments’ size and shape as well as tiling pattern with 14 different types of pentagonal tilings human beings ever found (see below).

Unlike most kaleidoscope iPhone apps, Pscope uses a photography or image as its input instead of using camera data. This is just because iPad does not have any camera function. However thanks to a larger screen of iPad, one will have richer experience than on the screen of iPhone.

Here is several examples how Pscope for iPad works.

– An input image that I made long time ago (from [Flash] fla06 – boreal-kiss.com).

– Generated image by Pscope using Cairo pentagonal tiling

– Generated image by Pscope using Floret pentagonal tiling

– Generated image by Pscope using Prismatic pentagonal tiling

You can find more info at Pscope’s web site:

» Pscope for iPad

Pscope for iPad is now on App Store for $1.99:

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  1. Mary Martz says: July 2, 20115:10 am

    What has become of your app? I love it for making patterns that I use in my ipad drawings, but it suddenly has disappeared from both my iPhone and my ipad and I cannot find it in the app store! Did you rename it? Help!

    • borealkiss says: July 2, 20115:22 am

      Hello, I’m very sorry for that.

      After the recent iOS update, the app had frequent crashes reported by its users. Since I didn’t find the culprit sor far, I had to remove the app from the App Store in order for new users not to buy this buggy app.

      Don’t you have the app in your computer? iTunes should have your purchased apps in its backups. If you have more info, give me an e-mail. I would like to help you as much as possible.

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