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August, 2010 Monthly archive

One of my iPhone application Nespresso Stock Checker that manages user’s Nespresso coffee capsules stock has been updated to version 2.0 including the following two features:

1. Ratings

Add-stars implementation helps you find your favorite coffees easier than previous.

2. Calculate

Calculate functionality offers you a set of coffee capsules that you might want to buy, according to your stocks and ratings state of each coffee1. The image shows one example of 50 capsules choice. If you don’t have a good idea what to buy in the next order, try this.

Now on App Store

Nespresso Stock Checker is now on App Store for $0.99.

Available on App Store

» Nespresso Stock Checker Homepage


  1. Calculate functionality does only calculation. It does not online-access to the Nespresso shop. []
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