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April, 2011 Monthly archive

My newest iPhone app Moiré is ready. The app dynamically generates Moiré pattern, an interference pattern created by multiple regular patterns overlaid on each other. The app offers the following features:

  • Simple interface. You can control the app without instructions.
  • 36 basic patterns. The number of generated Moiré is infinity.
  • Wallpaper creation. You can use resultant images as a wallpaper of your device.

Here are some example images. You can see more on Moiré Homepage.

Moire 01Moire 02Moire 03

The app is greatly inspired by the book Moiré Index by Carsten Nicolai. Since the book doesn’t offer dynamic contents, I would like to do so.

Now on App Store

Moiré is now on App Store for $1.99.

Available on the App Store

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One of my iPhone apps Nespresso Stock Checker has been updated to version 3.2 including the following new features.

What’s new in Version 3.2

  • Compatible with Onirio Limited Edition 2011 released on April.

    NSC 3.2-1

  • Show route on Maps. This function enables you to show a route from your location to a boutique using Maps app (external).

    NSC 3.2-2

Now on App Store

Nespresso Stock Checker is now on App Store for $1.99.

Available on the App Store

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