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WinGen: A Chrome extension for lazy Mac users

wingen concept image

WinGen is a utility plugin for Goole Chrome. It offers the following functions for easier web browsing specifically concerning hyperlinks:

Function 1

WinGen navigates a hyperlink in a new window without using the context menu (i.e., control + click). As a Mac user, when you want to open a new window for links on a web page, you need to click the control key to popup the context menu to choose “open in new window”. This requires to use your both hands. With WinGen simply clicking the link and hold for a while navigates that page in a new window. Your another hand will be now free. Keep a cup of coffee.

Function 2

WinGen could disable forced new window specified by target=”_blank” attribution. Have you been bothered by lots of auto new window creation within one web site? With WinGen clicking such links won’t popup new windows.

Function 3

As a optional function, WinGen could disable hyperlinks themselves. Have you needed to copy some parts of the text within a hyperlink? I’m sure copying all the text from the hyperklink is easy but trying partial copying always navigates you into a different page for that link. With WinGen when you control+click on a link, WinGen gives you enable/disable hyperlink options (I’m sorry this requires the context menu. You need the both hands).

Let me show an example. I want to copy the word “spectator” from the link “What a spectator threw at Tiger Woods” (from today’s yahoo news).

wingen disabling hyperlinks example 1

First of all I turn on this function from the WinGen option page (the function is off by default).

wingen disable hyperlinks

Control+clicking on the link popups the WinGen menu. Then I select “disable hyperlink”.

wingen disabling hyperlinks example 2

Now the link is just a text so I can copy the word “spectator”. I could also restore the link by “enable hyperlink” after that.

wingen disabling hyperlinks example 3

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